At Hindmarsh Water Treatment we strongly believe in equipping our staff with not only the tools and knowledge to carry out their physical work, but also how to deal with the challenges that they will encounter on a psychological and personal interactive level within Aged Care facilities and Hospitals on a daily basis.

We approached “Alzheimer’s Australia SA Inc” for a representative to attend our offices and undertake a 1.5 hour training session for our field staff and Managers from South Australia & Queensland.

The training session covering a range of subjects from developing an understanding of types of dementia and dementia care with recognising the signs of dementia, the brain and Limbic system, neurodegeneration, principles of communicating more effectively, dealing with difficult situations and seeking assistance.

All staff found the informative training session extremely valuable and provided them with a good understanding from the sufferer’s perspective, what this horrible affliction does to them, how confusing life is for them, their fears, triggers and how to reassure and minimise the stress to the resident or patient from external service providers being around them.

The aim of providing this valuable training was to educate our staff to be well equipped to deal with the challenges they find themselves in within our client’s premises.

Thank you to Felicity for delivering the training to Hindmarsh Water Treatment staff, the feedback has been great:

“Extremely beneficial” “Great insight and strategies” “I am now aware of how to cope better in these situations” “can we have an annual refresher and updates” to name a few.

If you would like to know more about this training or Dementia in general contact the Alzheimer’s Association through their website