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Late last year the Queensland Department of Health engaged Hindmarsh Water Treatment to assist with the creation of web-based information sheets relating to Legionella and water risk management in hospitals and residential aged care facilities.

The team at Hindmarsh together with the Queensland Department of Health’s Water Unit created, reviewed and collaboratively produced multiple documents for publication on the QLD Health website.

Some of these initial documents have now gone live on the Queensland Department of Health website:

The information sheets produced to date are under the headers:

The remainder of these informational sheets will be placed on the website in the same space a little later this year (remember to save as a bookmark and check for new additions)

Also, as of February, 1st 2017, public hospitals with inpatients and private health facilities licensed under the Private Health Facilities Act 1999 are required to notify the Queensland Department of Health if the result of a prescribed test confirms the presence of Legionella in water used by the facility. The web address shown above includes a link to a PDF reporting form which should be filled in, saved and then emailed to

In the months to come this PDF form will be replaced by an online reporting app. Everyone regulated under the Queensland legislation will be supported to commence using the online reporting app when it becomes available.

If you are not located in Queensland there is no requirement to follow or take advice from these documents but – there is some great information within them that may enable you to make more informed decisions and choices.

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